Comments: 13 & God

The piano compliments his voice very well. To me, that is what makes the song great.

Posted by Thomas at April 3, 2005 12:35 PM

How serendipitous -- I was just talking with dinner guests about the joys of the Notwist, and I surf over to find this little nugget. Good stuff!

Posted by Brian J. at April 3, 2005 05:57 PM

Lovely... In a similar vein, heard a track by Norway's The National Bank (feat. various members of Jaga Jazzist) on Suburbs are Killing Us, and it's stunning. Must investigate the Notwist... Where would one start ?

Posted by Tim at April 4, 2005 11:35 PM

If you wanna get to know the Notwist, I'd highly recommend you to download the pop-like "Neon Golden" album, or the previous jazz influenced "Shrink". Both albums are stunning, but both completely different. Their best song in my opinion is probaly "Consequence"! Good Luck!

Posted by Chris at April 9, 2005 12:03 PM

Hey Joe!
Thanks for posting this one. It's stuck on play in my ipod, and I'm disseminating it to everyone, including a local DJ back home. BTW, I'm around the corner from you for now. But I can't take the cold any more. I'm moving back to Virginia. I'm taking your site with me! Happy returns and lives.

Posted by deb at April 11, 2005 10:40 PM

I have the entire album, shipped to me by mistake when I preordered the single, and I must say that it is a very happy accident. I've been a fan of The Notwist since recieving an import of Neon Golden, and have since consumed their entire discography, including side projects and other bands they've been involved with like Lali Puna and Ms. John Soda. The Notwist remain my favorite of their projects, though. I was fearful that 13 & God would be too odd, but instead it is AMAZING, and has successfully obliterated any doubts I had about the collaboration.

Posted by Joel Manahan at April 12, 2005 11:31 AM

My opinion is that this is one of the maddest cd's out.I downloaded it by accident from the hbz dump,and i'm mad obout it.In the single there is a remix of Into the trees by Alias and WHY? which is my favourite track.I recomend the album and the single cd for your collection.

Greetings from Bulgaria

Posted by Chocho from Bulgaria at April 16, 2005 01:23 AM the beauty. this is just class. what more to say. thanks. and if you are looking for notwist songs 12 is pretty top too.

Posted by dan underhill at April 17, 2005 03:47 AM

i am happy to hear anything from the Notwist...
the colaboration is very trendy..although it isn't typical of their meticulous can tell it was thrown together in one weekend..but when the notwist (the most underated outfit out there) apply their musical commonsence they win with a roll of the dice..i give it a happy hi5

Posted by Riche at April 20, 2005 02:47 AM

amazing song everything the notwist touch turns to gold!!
you must get some of the notwists stuff if you havent already there are so underrated

Posted by tom at April 20, 2005 12:25 PM

I am listening to this CD for the first time now. This is great. Themselves has always done great music. I can't wait to see this live, if they come anywhere near me.

Posted by jason at April 25, 2005 05:42 PM

Fantastic album.....I'm a huge fan of both themselves and the notwist........i suggest you play this with headphones.

Posted by Brian at May 5, 2005 06:08 PM

Greetings from California...

Just heard of these guys YESTERDAY - they are incredible! Please tell me more. What songs/side projects/albums are the best? Where are these guys from? They are perfect.

Posted by Heather at May 25, 2005 05:42 PM

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